Toshiba's Rounded View

 - Oct 18, 2007
References: engadget
Toshiba has unveiled its new spherical liquid crystal display (LCD), proving their capability to produce LCDs in any shape.

The reasoning behind the circular shape is that your eyes are round, therefore round displays are the optimal method of viewing. That's engadget's take, anyway.

"Toshiba sees 'em ending up in automotive applications and mobile devices, but there's no word on when they'll hit production, and we can't confess to a burning desire within to start staring at round screens in addition to our abundance of rectangle ones," engadget said.

The 2.4" diameter display is framed by a 3" rim and has a 240x240 resolution.

Look kind of like a telecope from a submarine to me. Need invention, but even cooler would be a round TV-sized display!