The Secret Identity Kit Masks You in Monotony

 - Jul 15, 2010
If you're swarmed by fans all day long, Matt Singer's Secret Identity Kit will fade you back into the crowd. These simple black frames call back the classic superhero aesthetic of the 1950s.

The Superhero Secret Identity Kit includes a pair of custom eyeglasses and a hard shell case with "secret identity" embossed onto the exterior, as well as "strive to be boring" printed on the interior. The arms of the glasses bear the motto "Ever Vigilant, Ever True."

The black frames hold clear plastic lenses which can be replaced with prescription lenses or sunglasses. The Superhero Secret Identity Kit was designed for the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., but you can purchase your alter ego at Matt Singer's online store for just $40--much cheaper than your spandex and lycra superhero costume.