Memo Eyes Let You Express Yourself Artistically via Your Eyewear

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: & technabob
I'm willing to bet that hipsters around the country will begin sporting Memo Eyes as an alternative to frame-less glasses. Memo Eyes are glasses that use sticky note paper as opposed to actual glass or plastic to fill the frames.

Why would anyone want to wear a pair of glasses that they couldn't see out of? Simple: because they are fun. Drawing on glasses or sunnies is usually looked down upon, but Memo Eyes encourages the practice. These faux glasses are a great way to show off your artistic abilities. They are also an awesome accessory for those looking to complete their anime cosplay outfits as you can draw a massive pair of eyes to go along with your spkiy pink doo and duds. 3D glasses without the frames, your time is up.