The Ray-Ban Light Ray Frames are Thinner and Stronger

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: ray-ban & uncrate
For those who can't stand contact lenses, the Ray-Ban Light Ray eyeglasses will prove to be a great alternative to the heavy frames out on the market right now. Although many people use contact lenses for aesthetic reasons, many others wear them to replace the discomfort heavy eyeglasses have on the tops of noses and ears. The Ray-Ban Light Ray frames, however, are the lightest ones this brand has ever created, providing relief for those who hate to touch their eyes and yet can't stand the heaviness weighing down their face as well.

Made out of corrosion-resistant Titanium Alloy, the Ray-Ban Light Ray eyeglasses are devoid of screws and welding while featuring a monoblock hinge. Weighing no more than 1.7 grams, it is available in five colors: silver, gold, orange, black and blue.