The Sears Optical Ads Demonstrates Improved Eyesight

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: lg2 & ibelieveinadv
The expression "a needle in a haystack" is quite prevalent in Western society and the Sears Optical ad campaign interprets it in a rather fun way. Although it stays away from this cliched idiom, a viewer can’t help think of it when looking at the three print ads in the campaign.

Conceived and executed by Lg2, an ad agency based in Quebec City, the Sears Optical ad campaign features three different scenes that have found the near impossible: a four leaf clover, a burnt matchstick and a nail. This is made to seem impossible because, for instance, the four leaf clover has been plucked for a sea of three leaf clovers. Yet, thanks to Sears Optical, the impossible is made possible; eye sight is sure to improve tenfold with its eyeglasses.