The J!NS Moisture Eyewear is Perfect for Computer Addicts

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: en.akihabaranews & ohgizmo
Aside from fast food and lack of exercise, sitting in front of a computer monitor day in and day out will lessen your health; this is where the J!NS Moisture eyeglasses come in. Although this eyewear only targets one of the many problems that can arise from constantly being on the computer, it does help with eyesight.

Essentially, the J!NS Moisture eyeglasses has a reservoir of moisture that helps keep eyes hydrated as you work on projects or browse the Internet. This little water holder lasts for about two hours until it needs to be filled again. As much as the J!NS Moisture eyeglasses will provide relief to irritably and even painfully dry eyes, I have to say that it might encourage people to work longer hours at the computer, which may not be a good thing.