Sound Perfume Glasses Enhance Face-to-Face Encounters

 - Dec 21, 2011
References: ubergizmo & psfk
Meeting someone face to face isn't as memorable as one might think, something these Sound Perfume glasses aim to change. These innovative glasses -- which kind of look like white 3D glasses -- help you tap into your other senses when meeting someone by emitting sounds and smells associated with the other person.

Created by Keio University researchers, the Sound Perfume glasses create a completely engaging experience for both parties by providing each wearer with information on the other person, including his or her contact number, unique sounds and odor. You get to choose what smell and sounds you want to emit using a special app, and built-in infrared sensors, speakers and scent emitters on the glasses make it happen.

The video here provides more information on how the Sound Perfume glasses work.