From Soy Sauce Ice Cream to Auto-Spinning Cones

 - Jul 6, 2009
Whether you prefer ice cream or sorbet, you’re sure to find a frozen treat you’ll love in the slideshow below. From fish sorbet to jellyfish and soy sauce-flavored ice cream, there’s no shortage of weird flavors for adventurous eaters.

For people with slightly more traditional palates, there’s a plethora of ice cream makers—including a ball that makes ice cream as you play—to let you make your own ice cream at home this summer. Still other specialty flavors rolled out for Election Day, Inauguration Day and Halloween let you really scream for ice cream.

If you're on a diet, we've even included calorie-free ice cream treats like scented soap and fun summery totes to let you indulge without gaining an ounce.