No More Freezer Burn

 - Jan 19, 2008
References: livescience
It sounds horrifically toxic, but scientists have found that the secret to perfect ice cream may lie in a new type of antifreeze. The discovery comes from food scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Everyone knows that soft serve, ice cream bought at a cafe or the first serving from the tub you bring home taste the best. Why? No freezer burn. Going out, or buying a new bucket each time you want good ice cream could get really pricey. Even the best ice cream, when put in the home freezer, grows an infestation of ice crystals on top, and grows gooey underneath over time.

The new anti-freeze, however, may make it possible for you to have perfect ice cream every time, and from the comfort of your home. That would save a lot of money as well as travel time.

While it sounds scary, the anti-freeze is actually non-toxic. It's a gelatin protein base and can be added to any frozen foods, not just the creamy good stuff. You could apply it to your edamame beans, bread or chicken breasts.

Image from Thornton Lollies.