The Jellyfish Ice Cream is Popular in Japan

 - Aug 1, 2007   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: inventorspot
I scream, you scream, we all scream for.. jellyfish ice cream?

I'm pretty tame when it comes to my ice cream desires. I mean I thought 32 flavors at Baskin-Robbin's was luxurious. But apparently in Japan thanks to a growing population of the pesky individuals, they quite enjoy Jellyfish flavored ice cream.

I only know one person who would like this and his name is Sponge Bob.

Implications - Japan is known around the world for its citizens' adventurous palates. Jellyfish ice cream is just the latest unusual frozen treat to hit the Land of the Rising Sun, joining other flavors that include squid, sweet potato and octopus as their main components.