Korean Condom Ice Cream, A Treat You Can Suck

 - Dec 16, 2008
References: condomunity
If you can’t, just can’t, seem to get enough of the taste of latex, you’ll love Condom Ice Cream. This treat comes packaged in cutesy wrapping depicting a turtle suspiciously, placed behind a blob of what one can only assume is ice cream?

In order to eat the Condom Ice Cream, you need to have a pair of scissors handy (I know, I always keep my scissors with my condoms).  This Korean innovation is quite literal in design, you cut the latex to get at the sweet treat inside it.

Flavour options for your frozen prophylactics: chocolate.

In short, remove from packaging and suck.

Just in case chocolate Condom Ice Cream isn’t for you, you can always have a big gulp of Pussy Pop (which is actually a soda designed for your pussy CAT.)