Ice Cream Vans Get A Makeover

 - Feb 17, 2007   Updated: Apr 28 2011
In the midst of quickly changing time and information age, perhaps one finds peace and nostalgia in things they were familiar with when they were small.
This cool idea from a guy in the UK, is a reinvention of the way to sell ice cream on the streets, They feature a simplistic image and capitalize on back to the basics.

Implications - The pimped-out truck is decked in dark colors with red wheels; however, what it's serving up is the real treat. This isn't just a regular ice cream truck; it's a boutique serving up the most high-end and unique flavors that you can find. Some of the flavors include Turkish Delight, Organic Champagne and marmalade. The kids will have to fight adults in addition to their peers to get a taste of these tasty treats.