Haagen-Dazs Debuts 'Dolce' Luxury Ice Cream

 - Jun 5, 2007
References: mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp
Imagine laying on a cozy mattress under silky soft sheets, propped up by a fluffy pillow. Now imagine the most delicious ice cream you have ever tasted melting on your tongue. You are surrounded by a peaceful energy as those around you are seduced by the temptations of the sweetest summer treats. Now imagine the must beautiful classical music: the type that brings a tear to your eye:

Deliciously sinful, a pleasure for all the senses.

And not just a fantasy!

On May 8, that dream became reality for 80 lucky people in Tokyo. In an effort to promote its latest product, world-famous ice cream retailer Haagen-Dazs used the event to win over fans in Asia. 80 high quality beds, costing 330,000 yen each, were set up at Laforet Harajuku Museum in downtown Tokyo to set the stage for Haagen-Dazs Japan as it launched the “Dolce” series, a new line of luxury icecream.

The Tokyoites then got to indulge in the beautiful harmonies produced by Mariko Senju, one of the world's top violinists.

Haagen-Dazs Japan is knowing for making exclusive flavours which are only released in Asia. The new Dolce series was launched on May 1 in Japan and features an assortment of luxury ice creams. Those who manage to grab a lick of the tasty treats should brace themselves for feelings of “supreme happiness” and “ecstasy”, according to the company, which offers the high-end line in Tiramisu and Crème Brulee flavours.

To set them apart from regular Haagen-Dazs ice creams (which are already a high priced commodity), the new series is wrapped in golden packaging, smaller than the regular portions and quite a bit more costly. A regular 120 ml cup of HD costs 260 yen while a 110 ml cup of Dolce costs 325 yen.

But the marketing didn't stop at a fancy launch part. The TV ads broadcast in Japan were a little on the sexual side. Perhaps she sensual ads were meant to evoke feelings of lust similar to the euphoric feelings experienced when indulging in a cup of Dolce. According to one newspaper, the target market appears is Japanese women “who are as busy as ever, but are also the richest they've ever been, thanks to staying single and in the workforce much longer.”

Affluent Japanese women have been indulging more in self pampering including visits to spas, relaxation rooms and yoga classes. To evoke a heavenly theme, Japanese marketers cast halo-like glows around the heads of its angelic models while Ave Maria plays gently in the background.

Still, nothing beats the launch event, and surely many Westerners will feel they missed out on a great opportunity. How would one get invited to such an event? In Tokyo, 100 couples were drawn at random. The contest prize included a performance by three classical musicians, Dolce ice cream and cozy double beds.

Dolce just wish you could indulge like that this summer?