Schweppes Root Beer Float

For years, beverage makers have tried to crack the code to develop an indulgent drink that tastes like a homemade rootbeer float. Cadburry Schweppes, with its brands A&W and Sunkist, is introducing a drink which is supposed to match the flavours of home-made floats.

According to the company, "They are indulgent treats like nothing consumers have experienced before. One pour and your taste buds will be amazed."

A Float is a typical American home-made creation with vanilla ice cream floating in a carbonated soft drink (or soda as the Americans say). The best is made from Root Beer. Contrary to the name, Root Beer is no beer but a soda containing extracts of roots and herbs.

The 11.5-ounce (340 ml) glass bottle delivers a rich and creamy frothiness of homemade ice cream float. The glass bottle combines a nostalgic curved shape with the convenience of a steel twist-off crown cap from Crown Holdings. The bottle, made by Anchor Glass Container, meets the pressure development in post-fill retort processing,

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