From Bewitched Baking to Diner Beverage Confections

 - Apr 18, 2012
Skip the straw and eat your favorite sweet beverage with the help of these soda-spiked edibles. Get all the bubbly fun you would find in a frosty glass by noshing on cupcakes, sorbet or lollipops. Enjoy the flavor you love with the added bonus of such ingredients as chocolate, ice cream or a hint of cherry.

Indulge in a classic diner-style ice cream float or give the eyebrow-raising Baby Back Rib Cupcake a go, featuring ribs soaked in a sticky Dr. Pepper reduction. And, if you're feeling curious and gutsy, why not give the state fair favorite Deep Fried Coke a try? Savor the syrupy sweet flavor of all your favorite sodas without cracking a can.

Decadent, fizzy and fabulous, these soda-spiked edibles will capture your heart and your tastebuds.