Squid Gut & Charcoal

 - Apr 11, 2007   Updated: Mar 25 2011
References: mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp
True to form Japan has gone a step too far with their rangle of what only can be described as truly foul flavours - inclduing squid gut, soy sauce, garlic mint, charcoal, chilli pepper, miso ramen & salad ice cream.

And I thought the new creme egg flavour was exciting!

Implications - Food manufacturers are continually pushing the proverbial envelope, especially in countries where adventurous palates are the norm. By producing traditional comfort food items such as ice cream and yogurt infused with foul, cringe-worthy flavors, companies inspire customers to become daredevils and purchase the most odious products to test their intestinal fortitude, building word-of-mouth buzz in the process.