From Sci-Fi Soldiers Figurines to Miniature Knit Creations

 - Oct 6, 2011
There's something about miniature art that is simply engulfing, as funky figurines represent everything from pop culture to history, but come in a cute, bite-sized form! They're also portable, entertaining and multifunctional. Some of their wide uses include cake toppers, kids' toys, adults' toys, office and home accessories, little sculptures and collectors' items.

Funky figurines also tell narratives and satirize popular icons in different societies. Combined, these little friends can be arranged to create stories and help people from all ages to imagine different worlds. Science-fiction figures are especially popular, as well as political mini icons.

Funky figurines are definitely appealing for all people; these tiny replicas don't pass unnoticed. I invite you to check out the incredible collection of figures, and if you happen to be a collector, maybe you can find that petite character your collection is missing.