Sculptor Abe Lincoln Jr. Releases First in a Series of Resin Toys

 - Apr 12, 2011
References: abelincolnjr.bigcartel & girlsbike
Sculptor and painter Abe Lincoln Jr. has released the first two figurines in a series of resin toys for Titanium Toyz. Lincoln calls the Furby-looking toy Globulon. The artists’ relationship with the friendly, yet mischevious-looking creature started when he first created Globulon as a drawing for stickers to be passed out in NYC.

The stickers with the mythical creature started showing up on municipal signs, walls and trains, gaining a following of fans.

The original Globulon comes in blue, with the orange Globulon called Hawaiian Pizza. The colors of Hawaiian Pizza were inspired by vintage Japanese Kaiju toys and the colors often found in Hawaiian shirts.