Quirky Office Supplies from SUCK UK Keep You Company

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: suck.uk & suck.uk
Fred, Harry, Stan, Paul, Mark and Mike are a family of freaky desk accessories by SUCK UK. These classy gentleman are the newest addition to your collection of office supplies. SUCK UK’s quirky product brings more excitement to your desk and into your day! These silicone figurines will help you get your chores done, keep your office space spic and span, and keep you entertained throughout the day. Who says office supplies can’t be fun?!

Whether you need a stress ball, a pen holder, a bookmark, a coaster, a rubber band holder, or perhaps a light pull, these dudes have got your back. Although these SUCK UK tortured dead desk buddies have sacrificed their lives for your enjoyment, they’ll be sure to make a unique and quirky addition to your standardized work habitat.