The Sin Toys Collection Plays Off the Seven Deadly Sins

 - Jun 4, 2011
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HandMadeFont has managed to create the ultimate devious doll with this collection of Sin Toys. The Estonian-based company created these figurines to play off personal interpretations of the Seven Deadly Sins. Starting with laziness (or sloth), the artists managed to make four figurines that are lethally cute.

Blind Fury, a cute inflamed monster, is colored in bright cheerful colors and has a dumbfounded expression on his face. In his hands, he holds bunny halves; the other parts of the dismembered rabbits lay at his feet. The Gluttony creature is seen as a pink, chubby monster with fat rolls snacking on gingerbread men.

The morbidly cute Sin Toys from HandMadeFont are a funny way of seeing the Seven Deadly Sins in a new light.