Steve Nishimoto Shows War Heroes With a Taste for Skateboarding

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: & slamxhype
Steve Nishimoto suggests with these newest designs that back in the days of war, soldiers did other things than smoking to kill the time.

These Steve Nishimoto toy soldier figures depict green army men taking on an unconventional activity. Each of these war heroes are depicted interacting with a skateboard, which is quite an unusual sight. It's a completely different take on the military figurines most of us are used to seeing and definitely a lot less violent. Besides, the sight of a soldier trying to pull off a skateboard stunt during the downtime of war is quite a refreshing concept.

So far, Steve Nishimoto has made three different models of the toy soldiers. Hopefully more will follow -- perhaps one of a soldier doing a kick-flip mid-air?