PHANTACi x 24karats Bearbrick Suits-Up Fashionably

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: & f5torefresh
The latest from Medicom Toy brings two of Asia's most popular brands together for a new figurine dubbed the PHANTACi x 24karats Bearbrick.

So far, many of Medicom Toy's releases have featured more flashy and eccentric designs, which has been a nice change from the toned-down aesthetics in the past. The PHANTACi x 24karats Bearbrick brings Hong Kong and Japan together for a new figure that will have fans going after. The idea is to make the iconic Bearbrick model dressed up in a jumpsuit that has hints and accents of lavender that surprisingly dominates the black body. The chest and the legs bear the labels of both brands that complements one another quite well.

The overall design is impressive and it's definitely showing Medicom Toy's range when it comes to new ideas.