New Digital Book Features Update the Page-Turning Experience

 - Apr 17, 2012
While e-books haven't eliminated the traditional book nor the importance of the story, many exciting e-reader modifications have altered the way that many consumers indulge in their literary work of choice.

Although many traditional paper books still find their way to crowded bookshelves, many readers are gravitating towards digitized versions of their favorite stories. With the development of Kindles and Nook E-Readers, reading has become a more accessible pastime and upgrades such as bendable and waterproof screens and snazzy digital book covers are extremely popular among the tech-savvy literary world.

There are undeniably people who still love holding a book in their hand because, let's face it, cracking the spine of a good read for the first time or the smell of fresh ink is hard to simulate electronically. However, the ability to take multiple books on the go and the elimination of paper-cut-induced reading is a convenience that's hard to dislike.