- Jun 24, 2013
While some people may think that electric and eco automobiles are flimsy and visually unappealing, these eco-friendly supercars are here to prove that being environmentally conscious doesn't have to mean eliminating style or swagger.

Certain eco-friendly automobiles are designed with compact and petite frames to save on size, but these eye-catching eco supercars look just like any other high-end designer vehicle, except that they are all outfitted with an electric or sustainable design. From amazingly solar-powered sports cars to super-charged electric autos, these eco-friendly supercars are redefining what sustainable vehicles can look like.

Perfect for those who like fast cars and sleek designs, these eco-friendly supercars will have you cruising around in style without harming the environment.

From Pedal-Powered Sports Cars to Luxury Electric Autos: