The Mitsuoka Himiko is One Badass Classic Electric Sports Car

 - Feb 4, 2011   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: mitsuoka-motor
The Mistuoka Himiko is a stylish electric sports car that embraces vintage aesthetics while mastering forward-thinking eco-technology.

Based off a modern Mazda NC MX-5, the Mistuoko Himiko is more than just a pretty face with its shiny paint coat. Packing a 2.0-liter DOHC 4 in-line Engine, this rear-wheel drive beauty is powered by 168 Lithium batteries, which give it the power it needs to cover 341 miles per charge.

Implications - The makers of the eco-friendly car have stated that they spent a long time adjusting the running resistance of the car and trying to improve its performance. The batteries were also an issue, but have been made strong, reliable and safe. The Mistuoko Himiko can make 500 km on its sustainable batteries.