The Jaguar C-XS is a Luxury Sedan and Sports Car in One

 - Oct 5, 2009
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What looks like a couple of squiggles attached to a delicate ring, Jaguar C-XS 2050 concept car is simply a subtle mean machine. The squiggles and ring actually form an intelligent supercar that anticipates a driver’s many needs. Designer Janak Mistry has envisioned this shape-shifting vehicle as a futuristic answer to our current static options.

The Jaguar C-XS can alternate between two identities: the Saloon Mode, which can seat four passengers, and the Sport Mode, in which the rear seats are removed for a sportier feel. The interior is not the only thing that can morph either; the exterior can dramatically shift from a high profile to a lower one, with air vents, a large front grill and shape-changing headlights.

The zero-emissions Jaguar C-XS also changes color and uses fusion power technology. Incredibly revolutionary, the Jaguar C-XS is sure to spur a designing race for 2050. I’m just not sure anyone will be able to top this chameleon car.