The Revenge Verde Supercar is Mean and Green

 - Jan 14, 2010   Updated: Jul 11 2011
References: revengedesignsinc & revengedesignsinc
The Revenge Verde is one mean green supercar. The envy-colored Revenge Verde supercar is specially designed to be an eco-friendly and to create less harmful emissions.

There are many unique features of this car that makes it a spectacular supercar. For example, it has a Ford 605hp motor, V-8 HP2g engine that uses E-8 ethanol fuel and generates 400 horsepower.

Check out some pictures of this super green car above!

Implications - Sports cars with bold colors like red, green or yellow undoubtedly appeal to a specific consumer who enjoys showing off and making a statement. This car's eco-friendly emissions reflect the movement away from gas-guzzling masculine products away towards eco-friendly products that are both green and cool.