From Costume to Couture These Daring Disguises Leave You Unrecognizable

 - Nov 19, 2011
Daring disguises aren't just designated for Halloween anymore. Every day has the potential to be a midnight masked ball or Gaga-Inspired media frenzy. From conceptual costumes to couture captures, the use of costume is gaining serious momentum in pop culture.

Masquerade-themed glamour shoots, avant-garde ediorials and face-concealing streetwear are just some of the ways fashion aims to create anonymity. While a mustache on a stick makes one look distinguished, oversized shades make you look and feel like a star. Moreover, pop culture-inspired disguises, wigged out tresses, cocooned oversized hoods and the magic of make-up make it nearly impossible for anyone to know who you are.

Pop culture is constantly referencing and reinventing itself. Whether altering one's appearance represents an escape or even if it's just for fun, dynamic disguises are never going out of style.