Poras Chaudhary Photos For Holi, the Celebration of Colors

 - Apr 28, 2009
References: desinuts & notcot.org
Poras Chaudhary photographed these incredible images and displayed them in honor of the Hindu Holi Festival, or Celebration of Colors. The festival is meant to welcome spring and offer a blessing to the gods in hope of fertile land and a healthy harvest.

Not only did Poras Chaudhary capture incredibly vibrant scenery, but the photographer captured people cloaked in wonderfully colored robes as well as intense, eye-popping face and body paints.

Poras Chaudhary was born in Kurukshetra in Northern India, then became a professional cricket player while in college in Chandigarh. After a shoulder injury, he was forced to find a new passion, and fortunately, that led him to the discovery of his real gift: photography.

Poras Chaudhary photographs using a digital Canon 350D and won Digital Camera Magazine’s "Photographer of the Year" contest.

"The fact that I am able to capture a moment in time that is never going to come again is simply very exciting for me," Chaudhary says. "And the fact that nobody can ever replicate it… No matter what…"

The gallery shows just a few of his beautiful works.