Luxury Watch Feature in Zeitmagazin

The wrist is a very important part of the female body for many fashion brands. In recent years, many luxury brands have invested in the creation of high quality watches for he affluent female demographic.

Suzy Menkes, the well-known fashion critic from the International Herald Tribune, noted that "watches are the new handbags."

One reason for this statement might be that luxury timepieces could make good investments. In the time of a global recession, people are looking to spend their money on valuable things, which is why we are seeing things like handbags replaced by things like watches made of precious materials. The value of these can be especially high when purchasing limtied editions.

The images show the Versace Arcon Tourbillon, the Cartier Santos triple, where you can switch between three different displays, Montblanc watch with a monopusher, Prada’s watch with a black leather strap, the Hermes Cape Code H1 Grand Heures, Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Orientation (seen in picture 2), Ferragamo’s F-80, for the 80th birthday of the brand and Chanel’s Tourbillon J12 Haute Joaillerie.

For the weekly German Zeitmagazin, Cellina von Manstein created these amazing photo artworks for a piece written by Tillmann Prüfer.