Stockholm Body Painting Contest

 - Nov 26, 2008
References: makeupinstitute
Art upon the skin continues to grow more popular, and as a result, international body painting contests seem to be too. The photos above are from Stockholm’s Body Painting Contest held last month, a first for Sweden’s capital.

Stockholm’s Body Painting Contest participants dazzled with their use of robust, fluorescent, and bright colors. Some artists went with animal themes, others a combination of nature and modern buildings, and the human anatomy as well. 

Artists are listed in order of the gallery photos:

1) Alex Hansen - 2nd Place

2) Bella Volen - 1st Place

3) Team Lo Jarel - 3rd Place

4) A-K Brexendorf

5) Einat Dan

6) Ekaterena Panova

7) Iris Sabbah

8) Pasi Ruuskah

9) Bert Verstappen

10) Heli Tikkan

Judging Stockholm’s Body Painting Contest would have been an impossible task for me because I think all of the body painters did an outstanding job. However, my favorite artist was Alex Hansen.