The ‘It's Alive' Project Pays Tribute to Frankenstein

One of the greatest characters of the horror genre plays muse for artists in a charity driven endeavor called the ‘It’s Alive’ Project. Busts of Frankenstein in the likeness of Boris Karloff’s character form the 1931 film were given to dozens of artists in a project aimed at raising money for sick children.

The ‘It’s Alive’ Project pays homage to 80 years of Frankenstein by having 80 artists re-imagine the monster in their own vision. An eclectic range of busts were produced, and from the freaky to the funky, you will be shocked at what these talented artists have created. Clearly, the artists put little restraint on their creativity.

On display at the City Arts Factory in Orlando, Florida, all proceeds from the sale of the busts will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, specializing in the prevention, care and cure of pediatric diseases through research and treatment.