From $107,000 Diamond Cupcakes to Mini-Me Morsels

 - Jul 15, 2011
These confectionary cupcake innovations are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

From $107,000 diamond cupcakes to naughty cupcake bras, these sugary confections are more popular than ever. When cake decorating became an art form, bakers began to challenge themselves further and push the envelope of what they could do with a tinier cake.

The results? Cupcake innovations that are truly unique. Bakers have created odd combinations such as chocolate and bacon and tantalized consumers with their flavors. Designs such as Nyan Cat and other iconic pop culture characters have been made into an edible form thanks to cupcake connoisseurs.

These cupcake innovations -- whether they are edible or not -- are sugary sweet. They will be sure to inspire your inner Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines and get you into the kitchen.