Lego Cakes

 - Aug 9, 2008
What is particularly brilliant about these Lego desserts in contrast to other Lego innovations is that these cakes are shaped to look like Lego when in virtually every other article we've featured, Lego is shaped to look like something else.

Take a look through the gallery and enjoy these 10 awesome Lego inspired cakes!

(1) The cupcakes are just spot on and really cool - if a bit too Lego corporate

(2) I can't figure out if it is two men on the giant Lego mini figure cake - anyone?

(3) This fellow is too cute to eat and cut into

(4) Ultimate "freak or unique" points for combining Lego, Star Wars AND a cake

(5) Giant Lego in cake form - you can't argue with this bad boy. It looks AWESOME

(6) The worst Lego cake ever, but if you are going to do something badly, you might as well do it really badly

(7) There seem to be lots of Lego-themed wedding cakes and this is another example from a Lego-themed wedding.

(8) Looks like a giant red plastic brick - does it taste like Lego too?

(9) Just rubbish but full marks for trying (see point 6). No sure about mixing real Lego with cake.

(10) Sorry Indiana Jones Lego Cake is just a bit rubbish!!!