From Edible Computers to Star Wars Confections

 - May 25, 2013
Geeky wedding cakes are the ultimate way for newlyweds to show their undying love for a fandom. It shows a lot of dedication when a couple opts to cut into a Lord of the Rings or Star-Wars-themed wedding cake versus a traditional one on their special day.

These geeky cakes, cupcakes and cake pops will delight sci-fi and fantasy-lovers and inspire couples who have yet to tie the knot. Whether you're a casual action figure collector or a hardcore gamer, there are confections large and small for every level of geek. The sweets take inspiration from favorite films, comic books, video games and other geek-tasic gadgets and gizmos.

Hopefully couples that choose to celebrate their wedding day with a geeky wedding cake will share a love that will "live long and prosper."