From Cosmic Princess Cupcakes to Scrumptious Sorcery Treats

 - Dec 1, 2011
These geeky cupcakes prove that you can, in fact, put just about anything on a cupcake. Cupcakes are currently North America's confection of choice and their popularity is showing no signs of letting up. To feed this almost universal demand for the frosted treats, clever cupcake designs that cater to a wide variety of individual interests continue to crop up.

Nerds, geeks and dorks everywhere have found several ingenious ways to express their intense fixation on certain borderline "cool" elements of popular culture through the sugary medium of frosting and fondant. From a slew of Angry Birds-inspired cakes to hype Harry Potter designs, there is no limit to what these geeky bakers can cook up.

Adorned with icons and references only fellow fanatics would understand, these geeky cupcakes are the dorkiest and most lovable way to show your devotion to popular culture.