From Iconic Pop Culture Cupcakes to Eats for Geeks

 - Dec 4, 2012
Turning sugary baked pastries into character cupcakes make them artistically tasty, which is the best kind of delicious there is. It's easy to slap a sheet of vanilla or chocolate icing on top of a warm cake, but a true baker takes the time to pipe out designs and turn their treats into cute pop culture figures.

How would you like to sink your teeth into a fondant replica of the rebel songstress Lady Gaga? I'm sure she wouldn't mind you taking a bite. The next time you find yourself going to your friends house to indulge in a marathon of Mario Brothers gameplay, bring a batch of Mario-topped desserts. They pay homage to the greatness of the blue overall Nintendo hero.

Try your hand at creating magnificent character cupcakes and leave your friends marveling at your piping artistry.