Crumbs Bake Shop Whips up Some Popeye Cupcakes to Celebrate 83rd Birthday

The celebrate cupcake purveyor Crumbs Bake Shop unveiled a duo of very special Popeye cupcakes in honor of the beloved cartoon character. The famed sailor and his massive forearms made they're first appearance on January 17th, 1929. His signature squint and insatiable hunger for spinach soon transformed Popeye into a household name and the rest is history.

To celebrate the burly sailor's 83rd birthday, Crumbs Bake Shop decorated a few of their tasty cakes with a can of spinach (Popeye's famous elixir) and a carefully rendered copy of his famous mug. If you thought you'd never be able to stomach a can of spinach it's time to eat your words and this cupcake, because this buttercream version looks downright delectable. Unfortunately these Popeye cupcakes were a limited time offer, so you'll have to wait until next year to get your hands on one.

Playful, clever and deliciously nostalgic, these Popeye Cupcakes are the perfect celebration of 83 years of entertainment.