Colorless Photoshoots, From Cutting-Edge Art to Editorials

 - May 24, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Every one of these cutting-edge colorless photoshoots was shot in black and white. With only shades to tell the stories here, you can really focus on the fashions, models and places on display.

Even things that are typically colorful, like tattoos, hair and clothing, seem to look better in black and white. See these and more black-and-white shoots in this cluster of colorless photoshoots above.

Implications - In today's consumer market, an extensive range of products and items exist that often leave little to the imagination for customers. While the demand for a multiplicity of products is strong, there is a yearning for the unknown or mysterious. Companies will benefit by providing consumers with items that enable them to use their imagination while interacting or engaging with something.