- Jul 11, 2010   Updated: Jun 7 2011
This cluster of bright orange innovations is proof that it is not only carrots, pylons, basketballs and pumpkins that come in the color orange. Sure, you'll see plenty of pumpkins in this slideshow, but that's not all. There are also orange cars, sneakers and fashions. From puking pumpkins to three "carrot" engagement rings, put on your shades and check out these bright orange innovations.

Implications - With so many dark and edgy styles emerging in today's market, the need for more positivity grows as well. Consumers are looking for items that contain a spark that will enhance their days. Companies could develop their products with a brighter color and attitude in mind to attract those who require a burst of energy.

From Puking Pumpkins to Three "Carrot" Engagement Rings: