Frito-Lay's Giant Cheetos Are the Size of Golf Balls

 - Apr 1, 2009
References: foxbusiness
The wildly creative product team at Frito-Lay has found a way to make their Cheeto product fun again: triple its size to monstrous proportions! In a depressed market, the brand could feel attention slowly shifting away from America’s favorite shocking-orange snack. However, today’s release of the new golf ball-sized Cheetos opens a whole new dimension of cheesy goodness. 

Even though the brand has enjoyed decades of appeal, the product has maintained the same appearance and taste for the majority of that time. The developers even considered switching to snacks the size of tennis balls just to make the biggest impression possible. 

I believe the company will benefit greatly from their clever innovation, as consumers continue to be strangely obsessed with this little (now medium-sized) ball of orange artificial cheese.