The Leica M7 Hermes Edition Costs as Much as a Car

 - Feb 8, 2010
References: itechmetro & gizmodo
Paris-based luxury fashion house Hermes continues to work on cross-branding. The recent partner is the high-end German camera manufacturer Leica Camera AG, which decided to add some glamour into its M7 model with the Leica M7 Hermes Edition.

The M7 Hermes Edition features the classic Leica SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH wide-angle lens, a heavy treat for those that are extremely picky on speed and accuracy. It also attaches a genuine shoulder belt from Hermes.

Available in low-key khaki, or "etoupe," and the Hermes’ trademark orange, the Leica M7 Hermes Edition carries a price tag as high as US $14,400, compared with $5,000 for the standard M7. Just a reminder—M7 is a very classic FILM camera.

To make this gorgeous modern antique even more unavailable, Leica said there are only 200 units of the Leica M7 Hermes Edition in stock.