From Prenatal Popstar Tweets to Sweetly Seductive Singer Shoots

 - Sep 5, 2011
If there's one thing I'll never get enough of, as a highly devoted Destiny's Child fan, it's pop-powered finds like these bold Beyonce features. The singing superstar has proved time and time again that there's no stopping her, whether she's launching a new perfume or making an appearance in mind-blowing hip hop collaborations.

The announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy, with husband and rap legend Jay-Z, at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards opened the floodgates on even more Beyonce-focused attention in the media worldwide. With its own parody Twitter account, @BeyJayFetus, and a record-setting amount of tweets surrounding it, the irreplaceable diva's unborn child has already achieved more fame than many artists will ever see.

While she may not actually run the world, it's clear from these bold Beyonce features that this is one diva who will remains an awesome role model to independent women everywhere, until the end of time.