Beyonce 'Single Ladies' YouTube Hits Make Great Credit Crunch Gifts

 - Jan 12, 2009
References: youtube
Well loved for her music, moves and monstrous hair, Beyonce has inspired girls of all shapes, sizes and color so much that they are emulating her themselves at home. This drift has flooded You Tube as a number of Single Ladies homemade videos can be found.

A personalized do it yourself music video is a great excuse for women and girls to dance in their living room half naked. Meanwhile, they also get to utilize their savvy videoing editing skills that most people under 20 have some experience in these days. While today’s young population is well versed in technology, finding a job is another story.

Recent college graduate, Alyssa Lee, found herself at home this December jobless, snowed in and surrounded by MacBooks. Making a music video with her sister Jacque, age 20, was the most economic and creative birthday gift their empty pockets could cook up for their sister Ashley. So they dived into their closet, pulled out some heels, leotards, and hairspray and started "workin’ it."

Do it yourself music video gifts reflect today’s young adults who are trying to be economic, have a tactful understanding of digital technology and the tenacity to do something different.