From Ice-White Locks to Peroxide Platinum Bangs

 - Jun 26, 2012
These beyond blonde 'dos aren't your grandma's white hair. Even though colorless coifs have long been associated with age, the looks featured here tend to be vibrant, youthful and even edgy.

While some people are naturally platinum blonde, most usually need bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide to achieve this look. Others, like Andy Warhol used to do, wear wigs. However one gets their white hair, it's likely that it will stand out sharply against everything else. Many times this is the point; however, it's worth pointing out that ice-white hair mixed with certain outfits may clash.

White hair, a black top, white pants and black shoes could make one unintentionally look like a human checkerboard or zebra. Still, as shown by the editorials, photoshoots and styles featured here, there are also many ways to pull of such high contrast looks with stunning, appealing results.