Daniel Rampulla Captures a Scene of Stockholm Syndrome

Daniel Rampulla is an artist inclined by romantic whims and inspired by his muse. The ‘Boy of the Week’ shoot is a prime example of his desire for tragedy. Rampulla followed model Arten through the neon-ridden, washed-out streets of Atlantic City.

The shoot is reminiscent of a hazy, new-journalistic endeavor, heavy with drugs and a miscommunication with reality. The model resembles a sultry blonde Steve Buscemi, wearing a grim, faraway expression. The intimate composition of the shots in combination with the impersonal atmosphere juxtaposes sharply, creating an angst-ridden narrative. The photographic technique is engaging and memorable. Rampulla dulls the singeing casino lights with black and white film, emphasizing the gentle inspiration of the muse.

Daniel Rampulla is a photographer to be watched, with pristine attention to lighting and narrative.