- Aug 26, 2017
The top August 2017 youth ideas explore conepts that put more power into the hands of a generation that is driven by a desire to create, empower and connect.

Concepts like wheelchairs for dolls and gender-neutral product collections stress a greater desire for inclusivity and diversity.

As the young, tech-savvy Gen Z demographic is interested in taking an active part of the creation of their own products, events and services, there is a heightened demand for experiences that allow for customization and decision-making. Prime examples of this include 'Kidsfilmfest,' which screens kid-curated film selections and JetBlue's kid-friendly travel agency called 'Little Tickets.'

Other notable experiences for kids include obstacle courses, cooking workshops and TV aftershows that encourage kids to reflect on important themes shown throughout a series.

From Professional Wrestler Dolls to Habit-Improving Smart Lamps: