This Summer Ice Pop Toy Makes Music as the Treat is Licked

 - Jul 3, 2017
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
The Perotto Ice Pop DJ Licking Music Toy is a new toy from Japanese comedian Piko Taro that introduces a fun summer ice pop that offers more than just refreshment. As its name suggests, the ice lolly toy is capable of making music, depending on how the treat is licked. As the toy's creator describes: "When you hold the handle, it connects to your tongue and triggers the sounds."

The toy comes in both DJ Boy or DJ Girl versions, offering different colors and sounds. The sounds and music emitted from the Perotto Ice Pop DJ Licking Music Toy comes from Korg.

Although there are no ice pops included with the purchase of the product, the brand recommends avoiding the use of thick chocolate ice lollies when making one's own frozen treats for play.