'Dentsu' Bottled Water Features News Stories to Engage Millennials

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: packaginginnovation
Branding agency 'Dentsu' Tokyo developed these news-covered bottled water packages to better engage Millennial consumers with current events.

After having a hard time connecting with young Japanese consumers, Dentu teamed up with Mainichi Newspapers to print news stories directly onto bottles of water. As print newspaper sales continue to decline, it can be quite difficult for traditional media outlets to connect with young people. But after discovering that Japanese Millennials purchase an average of two bottles of water a day, it was clear to Dentsu what needed to be done, and the 'News Bottle' was born.

Using an HP WS4500 digital press, Dentu and Mainichi Newspapers were able to develop a way to print high quality text with AR content on the bottles. Upon release, the news-covered bottled water sold 30,000 units and the duo received enthusiastic feedback from Millennial consumers.