From 3D Printing Restaurants to Book Delivery Platforms

 - Aug 27, 2016
3D printing filament subscription services, plant-based meal-planning services and apps that will quickly deliver books from nearby bookstores are just a few of the most innovative August 2016 start-up ideas that have been recently launched.

In order to support the many bright entrepreneurs out there in the world, there are now services like AI Facebook Messenger chatbot 'Kukie' and the 'Unicorn' app to easily connect people with guidance and financial support; these resources are invaluable for those who want to make the foray into the business world.

Big-name brands are also embracing the start-up spirit with a variety of unconventional new ventures. A few notable examples of this include food service chains like Tim Hortons and KFC launching consumer packaged goods, Procter & Gamble introducing a laundry pod subscription service and Heineken & KLM teaming up to serve in-flight draught beer.